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Again, I've been internalizing for a while, not finding time to post (despite finding time to spend 4+ hours at a stretch every couple of days to play World of Warcraft...good lord, that game is addictive). But I was thinking that I'd like to start a tradition of a weekly list of things I'm thankful for, maybe only 3-5 things at a time.

So, my list of things I'm thankful for today:
    A workplace where my ideas are appreciated and encouraged
    The opportunity to have a one-working-parent family
    A husband who is so wonderful at looking after our daughter
    A daughter who is blossoming day by day
    Experience driving in snow!

Not that there's much snow, but of course I-95 is already completely closed at one point and there's accidents all over the region. Please, let my last thankful point not come back to haunt me later!


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