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Refocusing my LJ...
This journal entry will hopefully be one of my last to "break the fourth wall", in theater-speak (In other words, it acknowledges that I have an audience). The whole audience-orientation of LJ has recently begun to get to me. So I'm going to be making some changes.

The first change is that I will no longer be commenting in anyone else's journal. There's just too much tendency for both the original journaller and anyone else reading to "play to the audience"...usually resulting in not much useful conversation, and a lot of attempted upstaging (otherwise known as, "I can be funnier or more sarcastic than you can"). It's really only the illusion of dialogue.

The second change is that I will be disabling comments in my own journal. If I say something in my journal that you disagree with, or that you agree with, or that sparks thoughts you'd like to share...start a conversation with me! Send me email about it, give me a call on the phone and chat. I think this will be far more useful and rewarding, albeit less convenient.

Hopefully, the result will be that I will feel less inhibited about putting my thoughts out there, and will therefore be journalling more often. We'll see how it goes.

We now return you to your very irregularly scheduled LJ.

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