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Who's the sidekick, here?
Dot, who is 3 now, asked to take a shower with me this morning. I said sure, and we spent a happy shower together (me mostly getting clean, she mostly splashing). After the shower, we both got our towels and started drying off.

She draped her towel over her shoulders, and said, "Look! I have...a Superman scarf." So I grinned, and said, "Yes, you have a superhero cape. Hey, can I be SuperMom, you'll be SuperGirl, and I'll be your sidekick?" She replied, "Sure!" She then marched toward me and proceeded to whack my shin with her foot.

Startled, I asked, "What was that for?" She looked at me and said, "I want you to be SuperMom and I want to be your kicker!" And she didn't quite understand why I burst out laughing, but she grinned anyway...


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